I Am a Cultivation Bigshot Warna
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2021
Author 木下雉水
Artist 乱室佳人 绘世TONY [Add, ]
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I Am a Cultivation Bigshot Bahasa Indonesia

I Am a Cultivation Bigshot, I'm Actually a Cultivation Big Shot, I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot, Nguyên Lai Ta Là Tu Tiên Đại Lão, So I Am the Godfather of Immortal Cultivation, Turns Out I'm an Immortal Cultivator, Turns Out I’m a Great Cultivator, Yuan Lai Wo Shi Xiu Xian Da Lao, Yuán Lái Wǒ Shì Xiū Xiān Dà Lǎo, 原来我是修仙大佬, 転生から5年、いつの間にか最強になってました

Sinopsis I Am a Cultivation Bigshot

I Am a Cultivation Bigshot – Li Nianfan transmigrated to an immortal cultivation world as a mortal. Knowing that he could never become a cultivator, he decided to live an ordinary life. But unbeknownst to him, his dog became a mighty Yaoguai king by watching him draw and write; The tree he planted in the backyard became the tree of the world by listening to tunes he played; A passerby he met, who gained enlightenment from the chitchat with him, became a Taoist sage and started a new era…

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Chapter I Am a Cultivation Bigshot