Is This Hero for Real? Warna
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2022
Author Farnar
Serialization KakaoPage (KakaoPage)Kakao Webtoon (Daum)
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Is This Hero for Real? Bahasa Indonesia

Is This a Real Hero?, Is This Warrior for Real?, Is This Warrior Real?, この勇者、前代未聞!?, 이 용사 실화냐

Sinopsis Is This Hero for Real?

Is This Hero for Real? – When a goddess transports Hansoo Kang and his classmates to a magical fantasy world to become heroes, it’s like a dream come true. But when Hansoo declines to risk his life for a world that isn’t his own, the goddess leaves him for dead, alone in the forest. That’s when he realizes she’s not what she seems. With the help of a loner god, Hansoo faces the hostile new world and earns powerful blessings to help him survive. But his goal isn’t to save the world; it’s to return home… well, after he gets revenge on the goddess that is.Original Webtoon:

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Chapter Is This Hero for Real?