The Creator is on Hiatus Warna
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2022
Author canine, cracker, Kim Euisun
Serialization Naver Series (Naver)Naver Webtoon (Naver)
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The Creator is on Hiatus Bahasa Indonesia

I'll Be Taking a Break for Personal Reasons, I'm Taking a Break For Personal Reasons, The Creator Is on Hiatus, 为了拯救世界暂时停更, 神様になったのでしばらく休載します, 일신상의 이유로 잠시 휴재합니다

Sinopsis The Creator is on Hiatus

The Creator is on Hiatus – [Note: This is the manhwa’s title, not taking an actual break.]I’m a third-rate webnovel author named Yoo Ilshin. My name might be “Only God” in Korean, but don’t start praying to me. I’m not actually a god, it’s just a name.While only hunters are treated well in this world, it doesn’t actually mean they’re all equal. Once your rank is determined, your life will change completely.One day, I finally achieve the awakening I’ve been desperately wishing for.But my awakened ability is a bit strange…In this tiny otherworld I’m connected to via a smartphone, the weak and worthless ants worship me as god?A nobody like me has to save the world?This can’t be right!Original Novel:•Naver Series:

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Chapter The Creator is on Hiatus